Artist Talks: Derek Wise

SoundCloud is one of the most effective free music platforms, allowing independent and major artists alike to publish their music for anyone to listen. Soundcloud is also a more effective way of finding new and emerging artists such as Derek Bissue, who is better known by his stage name Derek Wise. The UNXPSD has had Wise on repeat for days now. We see a tour coming in Derek’s future and we cant wait to see the energy he brings to his audiences.


Derek Wise has few songs on his Soundcloud and already amassed over 500,000 plays and 12,000 followers.The prominent artist had some major publicity upon the release of his YouTube video “Kenzo” which has over 200,000 views alone. Wise really has something good going for him, as he can be found on every major music platform.

Canada has birthed amazing artists such as Drake, Tory Lanez, Justin Bieber, Jazz Cartier, & Jutes. Derek is a part of The Weeknd’s “XO” crew, pulling a cameo appearance on the music video of The Weeknd’s “King of the fall”.



We see Wise trotting down the path of something new and fresh that the music industry will feast on. Currently Derek’s most popular track is his single “Lay Low”  follow the link below to check it out.

Derek just released the official video for his new “Lay Low” music video.

Stay tuned for an update on the artist. Be sure to check Wise’s other popular singles like “How would you feel” and “Free up”.

Derek Wise

Keep your eyes open, Wise is on the Rise.

Make Sure to stay up to date with Derek Wise


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