Young Visionary “Tijana J”

As we grow in ourselves and get to know  the hidden niches in what truly inspires us, we have the ability to turn a normal hobbie into a true passion. Art has always had a lot to offer to the younger generations. It enables creativity that some have naturally and it allows anyone to express how they truly feel about any subject. It might take years or decades to acquire a hidden talent, but not for this young artist. We recently had the chance to speak to Tijana  J, who has an ideal eye for photography and videography.

So tell us a little about you.

I go by Tijana J and I’m 17 years old. I’ve had a passion for photography since I picked up my first point and shoot camera at the age of 12. Up until I was 16, I didn’t actually learn the skill of how to use a camera. It was last summer when I finally wanted to take my photography seriously. I picked up a cheap DSLR that we had in the house and taught myself how to use it. Along with photography, I also do videography and graphic design.

What’s your current setup?

Currently, I use a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I started with a Canon Rebel T3i.

What keeps you motivated or interested in photography?

Every time I go out to do photos, I learn something from that experience. Whether it’s in the actual photoshoot process or the editing process, I am always learning. This really keeps me motivated to keep shooting. Along with that, I also get to meet really great people each time and build connections.

Besides photography what do you like to do?

Besides photography, I love to shoot videos as well. My favorite part about the video process is definitely the editing. Video editing has been a passion of mine since a young age, even before photography. I used to download videos of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj then create edits. I was probably 9. This is basically what led me into learning how to use Photoshop to start making cover art.

Are you doing photography full time, do you have a job or are a student?

I am a student. I definitely plan to go to university and have photography associated in my future career.

What are your goals in terms of photography?

I want to make a living by doing what I love and inspiring others while I do it. Being really into concert photography, I would love to have the opportunity of taking photos of performers on a daily basis.

We had the young artist show us some of her favorite shots as shown above. Tijana has a good eye for people. Vancouver, Canada is distant towards respecting art and still catching on. Tijana is young and has the potential to advance in her craft of Photography and Videography very successfully with-in the next couple years.

She is currently showcasing her work on her website and Instagram, make sure you check her out.

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