Thank You, Instagram

Many people don’t know the names Kevin Systrom (@Kevin) and Mike Krieger (@Mikeyk) , these two individuals are the reason Instagram exist today. They are both the Co-founders of the very popular Social media/photo-sharing app Instagram released for download on October 6, 2010. Its been 6 years since its initial release and 4 since Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion. Over the years Instagram has been through drastic changes such as platform re-design, introducing hashtags, logo change and direct messaging, these changes are what makes Instagram what it is today. Instagram is this generations medium with millions of active users.

Instagram is a go to social media platform for everyone. The platform isn’t only for famous people, although unfortunately “normal” people do not get a blue check mark. In other words if you aren’t nationally recognized, a musician, or internet famous you wont get that blue check mark that everyone raves about. Instagram is a place to share your craft to the world, to build a better business, and even share your most priceless moments. Today the social media platform is dominated by key individuals such as reality T.V stars, mainstream musicians, action sports stars and even creative people such as photographers and pranksters. We speculate Instagram currently has at least 500 Million active monthly users, out of those 500 million users 75% are average people. Instagram is a huge community and each user has the freedom to be apart of that community.



Instagram stays involved in the community by hosting weekly challenges allowing users to express their creativity, and the chance to tell their story and be read by millions.

Thank you Instagram for allowing your platform to indulge the creators of this generation.

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