Artist Talks: Brent Faiyaz

There is so much that goes into music, more than what people realize. It is said that music itself has 5 key components (Sound, Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, and Growth). These key components are very important but what really speaks to listeners are an artist vocals and choice of lyrics. As more and more artist/singers emerge there will be new hits constantly, some good and some bad. It has come to our attention that we might have yet another breakthrough within the R&B/SOUL Genre.


Singer and producer, Brent Faiyaz, has been raising some ears in the underground music community for quit a while now. Brent’s music can easily be described as a young Usher with a hint of some Miguel. He has remarkable songwriting skills and his music can easily be relatable to the daily listener. We fully believe in the talent that Brent carries and we cant wait to see where his music career has the possibility of taking him.


Take a listen to his music on Soundcloud and show this great artist the love and appreciation he deserves.



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