“The Country of idols” Artist Jutes

Today’s Music is consistently changing and will always change as people grow and find new passions. Critics critique music without knowing the true meaning of one’s song. Canada has a habit of producing some of the greatest artist of this generation. Names like Drake, The Weeknd, Carly Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber. We all have heard each one of these artist hits and the world as loved them all. “Jutes” a Canadian artist from the province of Ontario,Canada has shocked people with his style of music. He carries a certain rhythm but classifying his music can be tricky. He produces a mix of Pop/Rap & Alternative, which makes him very distinct as an artist. Jutes has an impressive fan base on the music platform Soundcloud and is streaming his music via Spotify and apple music. There is no doubt In my mind that he will be successful in the near future, the music industry is constantly enlisting new talent.

Jutes has shared the spotlight with many artist such as Dirty Heads, Aer, ModSun, Cisco Adler, Cam Meekins, Mike Stud, Huey Mack, Camm Hunter, SonReal and D-Pryde. Having shared stages with talent like these only inspires and influences an artist even more.








Authors Take: Andrew Furin (@FurinPhoto)

I listen to music everyday and I can firmly say Jutes is on my playlist. I cant wait to see how far he goes in his career.

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