Streaming Record ‘Crushed’ by Drake

Drake smashed a streaming record Sunday as the Apple-backed Canadian rapper’s latest album scored the biggest debut on the US charts this year. Most of his sales came with in the first 24 hours, coming up at 632,000 copies. The titled was held prior by fellow Canadian super star, Justin Bieber with his Purpose album. In total, the album has been streamed online over 250 million times and continues to grow hourly. Views is hitting a popularity from the public that is bigger than any artist before and it seems to be that the “hype” that Drake brings to the music industry is only getting bigger.


Drake was recently announced by Forbes Magazine as the fifth wealthiest rapper in the world and is on track top keep growing that title. Hidden resources have released that Drake is planning on releasing a new Music every year and will only be mastering his craft more than he already has.

If you haven’t checked out Drakes new Album ‘Views‘ yet, you can find it here.

Leave your comment on what you think about the album or share to others that would appreciate the great music and artist as much as we do.


Written by: Joey Truex

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