The Risk Taker of NYC ” MissHattan”

In our world making a living isn’t easy, people get jobs they don’t like just to support themselves. There is one question that is well known” Do you love your job?” how often does the average person say they love their job? Some say you need a college degree to be successful, in reality a college degree does help you in the long run but you don’t need one to be successful. Instagrammer @Misshattan real name Natalie, was just another New Yorker. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Upon obtaining her degree, she worked for a financial institution specifically apart of the company’s investment banking research department. After some years she realized that the corporate world wasn’t meant for her. Natalie was determined to make it in her true calling photographing the heart of New York with nothing but an honest gut. We believe she took up the name “MissHattan” solely because she is a pure New Yorker and loves Manhattan.


She started with nothing and has come a long way from that day she decided to make the drastic change. Since then she has been recognized by almost all aspiring photographers in the last few years, she has collaborated with some of our generations most inspirational photographers on Instagram. Lets not forget she has an Instagram following of nearly 400,000. She has been featured on publications such as WSJ, NY.COM, VOGUE, BuzzFeed, and Forbes. she has been able to work with some of our nations top brands with names like AT&T, Jaguar, Beats by Dre, LG, Jordan just to name a few. Misshattan is nothing less than an idol to be idolized.

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Authors Take: Andrew Furin (@FurinPhoto) As  a growing photographer just ready to hatch out of his egg, Misshattan has truly been an inspiration. Personally I do not look up to her to mimic her work but to find my own way and be happy about my art. Maybe sometime in the future ill find myself in New York City.

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