Photographer Jacob Erwin (Photo Spread)

Jacob Erwin is a new up and coming portrait/fashion photographer based out of Fresno, CA. Jacob has only been using a camera for about a year and already has an impressive following on all sources of social media. His simplistic and warm style keeps his photos easy to look at and leaves you appreciating his work for what it is. Jacob’s work has been intriguing ever since I saw his page on Instagram almost a year ago when he only had around 800 people following his work.

He defines what we look for at The UNXPSD and holds a sleeping talent that will be nothing but good for him in the future. We have seen nothing but positivity and passion behind Jacob’s work and are very excited to worker with him in the future. Follow his work @Jake.jms on Instagram to keep fully updated on his work.

Model: @buhlailey


Written by: Joey Truex @joeytruex

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