The Beluga Tape by Abstract Collective

Earlier in the week we received an email from a group by the name of Abstract Collective. From only listening to one song, we believe they have the potential to really break into the music industry with the unusual twist they put to their music and mind burning lyrics. Many people today all seem to go after the same style or vibe when it comes to producing and creating “original work”and this group definitely takes a stab at doing the total opposite.

After listening to their mixtape it almost gave us the chills due to the language and imagery this group portrays. At this point in time many people are going for the rebellious and dark type of feel being that it gives them a sense of freedom behind their work which allows them to rap about whatever they want. In their song “Above the Influence” they mention different problems in our society, that include small audio clips of President Reagan addressing the “Crusade” on drugs. This group definitely has the passion to create and portray their own thought on what it takes to get noticed. Go ahead and check out their mixtape below!

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