“How deep is Your love” Remix and cover by FRTNK feat. Shea (Video)

We got to talk with Ben from FRTNK about the new remix cover they dropped recently. This song shows the true creative ability that the young artist holds. We asked Ben if he could give a quick explanation of the cover and this was his 30 second response, word from word.. 

” We wanted to completely change a song that people are familiar with and give them a feel of us and Shea…Shea is literally one the most talented artist we’ve ever worked with. You give her a stage and she performs and that’s exactly what she did on this record. This is moon man music, music that lifts you out your space and puts you in our space. We just want people to hop on a rocket with us. (Look out for more content and EP releasing ) you know that blah blah.”

FRTNK is dropping their new EP “Purplex City” on April 22nd. The album will be available to the public on Apple Music and Soundcloud. 

If you’re interested in music and talent that has the ability to win a Grammy, FRTNK will be it.

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