A moment with Atlanta photographer “N.EFFECT”.

Born & raised in Atlanta, Nick, also known as N.Effect, has always been a lover of art & a visual explorer. His unique & moody, yet colorful tones offer viewers an uncharted perspective of Atlanta’s city streets. We took some time to present Nick with a few questions on his visual work.

So Nick, What inspired you to seek a path in photography?

I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures. I would capture images with my iPhone and receive an overwhelming amount of compliments. I began to use Instagram and noticed photographers’ work and immediately became inspired to take the craft seriously. I made a decision to pick up a Nikon DSLR (my first was a Nikon D3200) and began to study the basics of photography and using a real camera. What began as a hobby quickly transitioned into a lifestyle for me.

What influences your creative drive when you take photos?

Whenever I shoot a subject, my goal is to make the viewer “feel” something. Honestly my fulfillment comes from the reaction of my clients! I love being able to use photography to assist with self expression. Self expression is not as easy for everyone, my gift is being able to capture those moments.

Do you have any favorite conditions to shoot in?

Definitely, I love to shoot after it rains! Post rain shooting allows for great moody shots; from the reflections to sense of calmness. Golden hour (sunrise & sunset) is also my favorite. The natural filter & tones at this time of day are perfect for portraits & cityscape photography. 

What photographers have inspired you & why?

Photographers like Steve McCurry inspire me. He is able to stimulate emotion & create empathy in his portraits. The pictures are thought provoking & that’s always my aim when shooting. I want the viewer to feel something. Also, there are a lot of local photographers in ATL that continue to inspire me! 

What gear do you use?

Currently I’m using a Nikon D600. My go to lens at the moment is the Nikkor 35mm f1.8. 

What do you feel like is this most important thing in getting a good photo?

Composition is key. Anyone can “shoot” a photo but to really compose and use your surroundings is important when taking a great photo.

What’s your all-time favorite photograph & why?

[laughing] That’s a tough question. I would have to say a photograph I took of Outkast member André 3000. I may be bias because I’m a die hard fan. He allowed me take a portrait which wasn’t professional at the time. I’m so inspired by his artistry; it was quite an experience !

What city have you enjoyed capturing the most, & why?

 I would have to say Montego Bay, Jamaica. The natural beauty of the city and people are amazing. I found myself inspired by the culture and landscape. Having the opportunity to capture it was truly an experience I will never forget.

Nick’s work & creative perspective without a doubt continues to inspire a budding community of Atlanta photographers looking to bring a different view to a growing city.

Connect with N. Effect at Instagram.com/N.Effect or at his website.

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