Waiting to reach success “Che Ecru” 

Che ecru was nice enough to do an interview with The UNXPSD. This young artist is surely one of a kind let’s take a look at what Che had to say.

1. So tell us about yourself ?
Che Ecru is my full name in code in a way and I’m from Boston MA.I just turned 19 last month and produce all of my own music, and do everything else that comes with it. To sum it up, I’m three people in one, and sometimes I’m Che and sometimes I’m not. One thing that my music hasn’t shown yet is my other, less romantic side. It’s a big part of who I am.

2. What got you into music? and why this specific genre?

I’ve always been into music, but I was told to ignore it for the longest time. I dropped out of college last September, during my second week.Since then I’ve been putting music first and now I’m here. I’ve been doing a lot of R&B lately, and I’m not planning on staying in that genre, but I’m going to do everything I can with it, until I get tired of it.

3. What and who are some of your influences and inspirations

Tyler the creator subliminally reminded me that being a complete outcast didn’t mean that I’d become a complete failure. He has a lot to do with my level self confidence. I used to sleep in class and get called out for the most random things. I was pretty much like “trash” at school, because of the label that was put on me. Anyways, he inspired me to believe in myself. Other than him, I love Daft Punk, Sade, Mac Miller, Stevie Wonder, and Metallica.

4. What do you wish to accomplish in your music career?

My first objective is to prove myself to myself. I doubt Che way too often.

5. How has family, friends and social media affected you in terms of feedback to your music?

Everyone who comes across it online gets really attached to it, which is super crazy to see. At home, nobody really shows me off as much as they do. I love them so much for all the good vibes they’ve blessed me with.

6. Describe the creation of the Song “BEBE & 2 A.M” ?

Bebe was actually a song that I wasn’t going to use. It was sitting around because I didn’t know what to do with it. One day I wrote a hook on it, and it stuck, so I finished it. 2 AM was a freestyle for a while. I made the beat in a day, then I let it sit. It’s almost like a part two of “Bebe”.

“Bebe” Cover
7. In terms of success in your own words what do you see as being successful?

Successful to me is someone listening to my songs as a way to escape from something. If I can take you away with my sounds, my job is done.

8. Do you go to school or have any plans of furthering your education?

I dropped out on my second week there. The scary part is that it was a good college, and I didn’t hate it. It just wasn’t for me, and because of that I started to let go of my life. I was taking the wrong turns, metaphorically speaking. I was headed down hill until the music came.

9. What is your current setup to record? If you have upgraded what were you using before the change?

I work with an Akai Mpk 49, A launch pad, and my laptop. That’s the main setup for my production, and everything else is used on different occasions, but I always use those every time. I do a lot of digital work, so my laptop plays a huge part. That’s where I keep my secret sauce, “if ya feel me”.

10. Do you believe you will obtain the recognition you deserve?

Yes, In due time. I just want to keep getting better within that time, and things should work out. I’m not stressed about that part. I’m more stressed about my sound, and shaping it.

11. Have you done any gigs, if so where?

No, not yet. I’m looking forward to doing them though. I’m always surprising myself.

12. Have you ever been scared to show your music because you were scared of what people thought?

Yes! I just listen to it too hard when I’m not alone. I look for mistakes rather then enjoying the fact that people like it.

13. In terms of signing with a record label who would you like to sign with?

Couldn’t say. I need my freedom to create though, so as long as I can maintain that with a contract, the options are endless.

Click here to check out his music!



Authors Take:

When I first heard Che I had no idea who he was, so when I got the chance to look him up, I was blown away. Upon conducting this interview I told friends/family about him and most people actually told me he that his music sounds a lot like “The Weeknd or Bryson Tiller”. Personally, I believe Che Has a unique Sense of Rhythm. Having impressive and melodic vocals isn’t the only thing he can bring to the table. I’d like check back up with him in the near future to see where he is as an artist and to see if he has any tricks up his sleeve for the rest of 2016.



  1. I stumbled across Che Ecru some weeks ago. I loved his sound instantly!! Addicted!! Thank you Che!! Your so Awesome!!!


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