“Soles with a purpose” Amac Footwear

Amac footwear, the shoes that you have never heard of but are providing water for those in need in Africa. To truly understand Amac first you have to know what it stands for and that is “Austin McAllister”. He was just a young teen at the age of 15 years old who had enough of shoe collecting and decided to start his very first business, Amac customs, which grossed over $300,000 in 3 years.

McAllisters signature model ‘Katema’

Stepping away from custom made shows and into creating his own handmade masterpiece, ‘Amac customs’ still plays a huge part of Amac Footwear today. Being the founder and CEO of his own brand at just 19 years old, Austin learned everything he knows about the industry from his first business that proved to be very successful. With those very same skills he was able to change the working environment for designers in the shoe industry. Amac footwear has recently came out with their flagship shoe, the “katema”, in support of Malawi, Africa.

“Nothing worth having comes easy”

They are slowly but surely leaving their mark in the industry and are being recognized by respectful icons in our nation and worldwide. Amac is truly the only brand that is guaranteed to succeed with their way of giving back and connecting with creative individuals.

PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram.com/amacfootwear

Austin McAllister: Instagram.com/austinmcallister


The Original ‘Katema’


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