Predicting the Top 10 Songs of 2022

Millennials love reminiscing about the 2000s, but they’ll soon be replaced by the next generation. By 2022, the oldest millennials will be in their 40s. Research shows that younger generations have different music preferences. Let’s look at how pop culture may shift by 2022 and predict which artists will top the charts with their songs.

How Will Society Change By 2022?

If we’re going off the trends of the 2010s, the music industry in 2022 could shift away from electronic music and vocalists. Why? To understand, we’ll need to look at the world as a whole in 2022.First, we’ll look at how technology may change our musical landscape. Scientists are making huge leaps in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and some are predicting that AI will soon outpace human intelligence. What does this mean for music? Well, AI is already starting to make its mark, with digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri and AI-powered music apps like Spotify and Pandora. In 2022, AI will likely be even more integrated into our digital lives, and music will be no exception.As AI technology becomes more sophisticated, it will soon be possible to create music that sounds almost entirely computer generated. As AI technology evolves, AI-generated music may become increasingly indistinguishable from music produced by humans.

Artists to Watch in the Coming Decade

Artists who’ve made an impact in the 2010s will keep their successful streaks going, but there are also many artists that are just starting out and will hit it big in the coming decade. Let’s look at some performers who may top the charts in 2022. One Direction – One Direction came together in 2010 and broke records after appearing on The X-Factor. The boy band went on to achieve enormous success, with their fifth album topping the charts in 2016. The group’s members have gone on to pursue solo careers, and many experts speculate that One Direction will reunite in 2022 to celebrate their 10-year anniversary.Ed Sheeran – Sheeran has been steadily rising in the charts since 2011 and is predicted to become even more successful in the coming decade. Sheeran’s unique blend of acoustic and electronic music is attractive to fans of all ages, and his lyrics have been known to deeply resonate with listeners. Justin Bieber – Bieber will celebrate 10 years of success in 2022. The Canadian-born singer is known for his pop, dance and R&B music. Though he made his debut in 2009, Bieber’s popularity really exploded in 2010. By 2022, Bieber will have spent nearly two decades in the music industry. Ariana Grande – Grande made her debut in 2013 and quickly became a household name. Her music combines pop, R&B and Broadway. Grande’s success has been consistent over the past five years, and many experts expect that her popularity will last another 10 years.

Pop Culture Predictions for 2022

With the rise of AI, we may see a shift away from human-focused pop culture. Movies and TV shows may become less about traditional narratives and more about visual, sensory stimuli. We’ll likely see a rise in virtual reality and augmented reality technology that will allow people to virtually immerse themselves in new worlds.VR and AR technology is still in its infancy, but it’s predicted to become much more advanced by 2022. Experts believe we’ll be able to experience much more realistic and immersive VR and AR experiences. VR and AR technology will likely be more accessible to the public, and it may become a common part of daily life.

Music Theory and Vocals: The Key Elements of a Hit Song in 2022

Artificial intelligence advancements will likely impact the way vocals are recorded and the sound of the music itself. With AI, producers can create vocal samples that are infinitely customizable; they can change the speed, pitch and tone of the sample to match a song. As we get closer to the year 2022, songs may be recorded mostly without vocals, with producers using vocal samples along with other audio elements.In terms of music theory, there are a few key changes we can anticipate. EDM has become a dominant force in the pop music scene, especially since 2010. As EDM continues to evolve, it’s likely that producers will become even more creative and bold with their sounds. There may be more experimentation with sounds like saxophones and trumpets, along with other instruments that have fallen out of favor in EDM.

EDM May Be Going Extinct – But Don’t Expect A Big Change in Vocals

fabio-alves-kivWV60It9Y-unsplashAs digital technology evolves, EDM music may become more reliant on synthetic elements. As a result, we may see EDM become more digital and synthetic and less reliant on live instruments such as saxophones and trumpets.This doesn’t mean that vocals will go extinct.

Although EDM is often associated with lyrics-free music, vocals are still a key element. EDM songs are often inspired by the vibe and feelings of a place or scene, so lyrics play an important role in conveying these feelings and inspirations.

Photo by: Fábio Alves

Electronic Music Dominance Means More Synthesizers and No Cello

In the pop music world, instruments have come and gone, depending on what sounds are popular. We’ve seen a decline in the use of acoustic instruments such as violins and cellos, while synthesizers have become more prominent in pop and electronic music.Synthesizers have the advantage of being portable and easy to use. This is especially helpful with pop music, where DJs and producers need to produce many songs in a short amount of time. Synthesizers are a quick and easy way to create a catchy tune.


Music has always been a reflection of society, so it’s no surprise that the sounds we hear today will change as the years go by. As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent, we can expect to hear more computer-generated music that sounds almost like it was made by humans. As technology advances, we can also expect to see shifts in the instruments we hear and the lyrics we hear in our pop songs.In 2022, EDM may still be going strong, or it may be going extinct. The key will be how DJs and producers adapt to changing technology. The only thing that’s certain is that the sound of pop music will be very different in 2022.

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