Artist Talks: J-Wright

This week on The UNXPSD, we had the chance to speak with a very new face in the music industry. Josh Wright or better known as J-Wright. Wright is an enthusiastic character and has the motivation and dedication to make it in the next wave of recognizable musicians. Having J-Wright on UNXPSD was inevitable.  Let’s get started 

So tell us a little about yourself ?

My name is Josh Wright and I am 21 years old. I recently graduated with my bachelors degree in recording arts last year. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire (my high school class only had 60 kids). I was always into making music because my dad was a drummer in a kids band. The first rap song I ever wrote was when I was 15 years old.

Who is an idol that you look up to, outside of the music industry ?

I would say my cousin Nick Wright who is currently make a very comfortable living off YouTube. I think its really cool that he didn’t go to college and is making a lot of money doing something he loves. I hope to reach that level in my career soon.

Where are you recording, and with what ?

 Last summer my dad and I transformed my basement in to a studio/vocal booth. I use a Neumann TLM 102 microphone, Focus rite Saffire interface, and Pro tools 11.

Where do you see yourself in a years time ?

 I see my self with a manager or agent and preforming a lot more then I am now.

Growing as a musician, how has music impacted your life ?

I was always a shy kid in high school and known for being “the quiet kid”. Music has definitely gave me confidence and I have opened up a lot more over the years.

Describe to us the process of creating the single “Upgraded” ?

Once I heard that beat everything just came to me. I was working at my old job at the time which I was unhappy with so ‘Upgraded’ pretty much let me vent about my problems. I met Nina a couple weeks before I made that song and I knew she was a really good singer. She came and recorded the chorus in the studio with out first hearing the beat/lyrics and killed it on the 3rd try! Also shout out to my friend Brandon who helped write the chorus for ‘Upgraded’ and Matty Trump who did a great job on the mix/master.

With more artist coming into the public there is always those few artist that peak peoples interest and just stand out. Wright has been doing so much for his career, his actions will push him to the farthest he can go and he will attain what it is he feels he deserves.  J-Wright is surely an artist to watch as sure we will be hearing much more of him soon. 

Stay updated with J-Wright


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