“Atelier Neutre”A modern taste in fashion

At the height of a new generation, fashion emerges as couture changes. Fashion moguls and celebrity icons are constantly responsible for these changes, whether they are great or complete tragedies. New trends are always emerging as new designs play out in many sections of the fashion industry. The chances of another Stussy and Supreme are rare but not to be doubted. French based brand “Atelier Neutre” has done the unthinkable and has astonished many with their contemporary approach to the modern taste of style and simplicity as well as affordability. They have obtained the eye of many to be featured in “High Snobiety” a very popular culture magazine, especially when having such successful collections in the little time they have been noticed. Having an experienced designer who formerly worked for “Saint Laurent” in Paris definitely helps set them apart not just giving an upper hand but providing the assurance that their clothing is truly one of a kind with their excellent craftsmanship and urban expression. Atelier Neutre is setting new standards for the industry and is a brand to be watched.

Atelier Neutre is an exceptional brand with their new Fall Winter collection of 16/17, entitled “CHAPTER 4 HIRO” We here at The UNXPSD expect it to be a turning point for the brand nothing less than the best.  


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