Los Angeles based photographer, Genaro Magana. (Interview & photo sweep) 

We were able to sit down and talk with Genaro for a couple hours to pick his brain about photography, the LA lifestyle and where his career has taken him in the past few years. Follow his progress on Instagram at @genarophoto as he consistently grows as a photographer and kills the games with his amazing style.

1. Tell us about yourself and your quick story on how your photography career started. 

“My name is Genaro Magaña, I’m 23 and I’m a filmmaker, photographer, and graphic designer. My career in photography started about 3 years ago when I was in film school. We were taught how to use a camera for filming and that segued into me using a camera to capture stills. Once I knew how to use the camera I began taking pictures of everything. I knew the more I practiced the better I would get.”

2. What/who inspires you to keep going everyday? 

“My family definitely inspires me. Especially my parents. They’ve done a lot for me and have always pushed me to chase my dreams. I keep going because my goal is to take care of my family.”

3. What was the first camera you had and what do you currently shoot with?

“The first camera I had was a Canon Rebel t1i. I bought it from a good friend of mine and I used it constantly. Now I have a Canon 7D which is what I currently use.”

4. What got you into this style of photography? 

“I kind of just fell into this style. I started shooting with one model that led to another and so on. As I kept shooting the style kind of just formed itself. I believed in the idea that I can shoot women in a sexy way but still be respectful and creative.”

5. What would you say is your biggest success in your career so far? 

“Definitely graduating from college and also working with artists and models I never thought I’d be working with.”

6. What kind of influence do you believe social media has on you and your photography? 

“Social media has definitely helped my career. A lot of my work is getting known because of it. Although it can be addicting it has helped in connecting me with different models and other artists from around the world to work with.”

7. What do you think the biggest challenge of being a fashion photographer in 2016 is?

“I think the biggest challenge for anyone is developing your own style. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing. It’s time to be different and do what you think is dope.”

Model: Tina Louise

Written and interviewed by Joey Truex

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