5 Instagram photographers to follow this week

We all know Instagram is a prime destination for creative individuals to collaborate with and network. Now not everyone is on the platform at once, but somehow we all find ourselves on the platform at least once a day. Today, we have gathered a few photographers that will brighten up your day with there lucid and creative photo’s.


Maxwell Swift/ Joined: 2016/ Followers: 7.8k/ Gear: Canon 6D w/50mm 1.8 EF
Maxwell is an awesome photographer for someone who started in 2016, he is quite impressive he is constantly pushing out work thats phenomenal.  Although Maxwell is primarily focused on lifestyle portraits he also dabbles in landscapes. We 100% give the go ahead for Maxwell. He is definitely committed and won’t disappoint. Support him and give yourself a smile.
Whats your current inspiration?
I am really inspired by film. I pull inspiration from film directors like Quentin Tarantino, George Miller, David Fincher just to name a few. I love analyzing how each scene was composed, from the the camera angle, to the composition, to lighting… even the intentional placement of color schemes to give a certain feel to each scene.
What is your favorite music album
I pull a lot of inspiration from music, and I listen to a lot of music, so this is a tough question. If I had to pick on all time favorite album, I think I would go with Radiohead, “In Rainbows”. For me, this album touches so many types of emotions at all ends of the spectrum, but somehow maintains a cohesive aesthetic throughout. There is a certain complexity to the album that sits below the surface of a seemingly minimal clean sound. This is something I wish I could create through my photography.
Your favorite aspect of photography?
I love setting up a scene to make the viewer “feel” something, or at least be curious about the character and the setting. I think every image should tell a story in some way, but at the same time, shouldn’t tell the whole story so blatantly. I like to leave enough mystery for the viewer to place their own interpretation on it. I think this is extremely challenging to do, and I think that’s important to all types of art.
Claudio Silva/ Joined: 2014/ Followers: 16.2k/ Gear: Nikon D7000 w/18-105, 70-300, and 50mm
Claudio brings Toronto and the street to life and it something we can’t ignore. If you’re an avid Instagrammer don’t forget to connect with his collective group called “TheLast6” , its members are @Bora.vs.Bora , @Stilez , @jamaalism , and @irvinejames.
Whats your current inspiration?
I take inspiration from many photographers but mainly my crew which consists of @bora.vs.bora , @jamaalism , @stilez , @irvinejames
What is your favorite music album?
My favorite album would have to be Read to die by Notorious B.I.G
Your favorite aspect of photography?
I love capturing a moment in time which will never happened exactly the same ever again! To be able to capture everyday life around us that so many take for granted or go unnoticed! 
Frank Bell/ Joined: 2015/ Followers: 17.5k/ Gear: Nikon D5300 w/18-55, 50mm, 11-16, 105mmm
Frank has taken Instagram to the next level, with his eye for architecture he hones the ability to create like no other.
Whats your current inspiration?
Current Inspiration: For architecture photography I’m always inspired by Michael Salisbury (@msalisbu). The way he plays with light and colour is amazing, and his composition inspired my current fascination with windows and layers of buildings. For studio and concept photography, Evelyn Bencicova is on another planet.
What is your favorite music album?
Favorite album: It’s too difficult to choose just one. A Tribe Called Quest – “The Low End Theory”, Neutral Milk Hotel – “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”, Joy Division – “Unknown Pleasures”, Bob Dylan – “Freewheelin Bob Dylan”, Wu-Tang Clan – “36 Chambers”, Arcade Fire – “Funeral”, Oasis – “Definitely Maybe”, Daft Punk – “Homework”, Frightened Rabbit – “The Midnight Organ Fight”, Burial – “Untrue”, The White Stripes – “De Stijl”.
Your favorite aspect of photography?
Favorite aspect of photography: Being able to create something out of nothing, and being completely “in the zone” when taking a picture that everything else gets tuned out. It’s a split-second of nothing else existing except what you see through the viewfinder.

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Had a nice day off today with @dipsauce and @206shooter

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Tim Urpman/ Joined: 2014/ Followers: 21k/ Gear: Nikon D800 w/ 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 35mm, and 50mm
Tim has a keen sense for multiple variants in photography from architecture to nature landscapes and even portraiture. He is truly a dedicated individual to his love of photography.
Whats your current inspiration?
My current inspirations are friends, other photographers that I look up to and my environment. I like to capture what’s around me and try and tell a story for those who don’t get to see what I see.
What is your favorite music album?
Favorite album is Modest Mouse- this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about.
Your favorite aspect of photography?
My favorite aspect of photography is probably the adventure. I enjoy shooting urbex/ city as well as nature and I always choose to shoot places that I know will give me some interesting experiences.

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Miguel Cantu/ Followers: 4.2k/ Gear: Canon 6D w/ 24mm
Miguel is definitely the up and coming of this group, he has a fair following and has the skill/drive to further his presence on the platform. All people need to do is follow his journey. His impressive feels are soon to catch on.
Whats your current inspiration?
Graffiti, architecture, 90s rap, skateboarding, crime movies
What is your favorite music album?
Nas- Illmatic
Your favorite aspect of photography?




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