Artist talks: Bzkt

Passion can be cultivated to create beautiful sounds and meaningful words. Donavan Satterwhite or better known as Bzkt, defines passion with his music. Today all everybody wants to do is compare one musician to another. Bzkt is in his own category, not by the level of his talent, but by how real his lyrics are. Bzkt is emerging and if the industry doesn’t catch on soon, he’ll break out on his own. We took some time to ask Bzkt, some questions.

So what is Bzkt, Who is Bzkt ?

To be honest man Im fucking weird but in the most dopest way ever aha. I’m a rapper/producer coming out of Seattle, Washington. Far as my name goes, Im a hip hop head and growing up I use to listen to this 90’s hip hop duo called the “ill biskits” from Virginia. They had an album called “chronicles of two losers” that I fucked with. I don’t care what people call me, they can call me “b-z-k-t or bizkit” it don’t matter.

What is the differential between you and other rappers in Seattle ?

Seattle has a specific sound for its hip hop and to me its very commercial and fucking corny, and if the shoe fits, it is what it is. My sound is extremely dark and emotional. And by that I mean Im being completely honest about my life and what Im going through and just having fun with my lyricism. I like to fuck with peoples mental aha. But so many dudes out here are just corny with there vision and hella generic. Im just trying to be that artist that goes against the grain of what most of these motherfuckers do and say. Eminem is one of my inspirations and I still bump his early shit like it came out yesterday and that connection of emotion and wittiness he had is something I want to bring back because the rap game is all fucked up.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

5 years from now? shit I don’t care too much about my future. I just go with the flow of shit. Whatever happens, happens.

What would you say is your most acclaimed track that you’ve released, and what went into making that track ?

Yo my most acclaimed track would have to be ‘Black Trash” Produced by my bro Toonorth. Toonorth always sends me fire ass beats man and that one was the one that just opened up my lyrical ability that I didn’t think I was capable of. I wanted to portray my mind, my wittiness, and just fucking dope ass lyricism aha.

Seattle is the hometown of recognizable acts like Sol, and Sam Lachow. Bzkt has a specific idea for his music and he is dead set on pursuing the dark and emotional side of music. He introduces realism into his own lyricism. Take a listen to Bzkt’s “Black Trash” Produced by Toonorth.

As an artist, what is the most crucial part of creating a new track ?

 The most crucial part for me is not having all the equipment to make a song. Like I make the best out of what I got and the shit got me this far you feel me? But I just gotta be in tune to what my emotion is at the time. I write my lyrics at night in the dark just to really focus on what I have to say. If I cant have this feeling when Im making a song then most likely its going to be trash. I put a lot of time into every little piece of a song just so it can stand out and not be so drab.

Can you say that you have acquired a taste of accomplishment with your music ?

Im never satisfied because everybody can always do better you know. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything yet honestly. I will say that Im starting to like my own music now, I was insecure as fuck about doing music when I started but fuck it, we are all going to decay anyway so why not.

What are your plans for 2017 ?

I honestly just hope Im alive by next year, not even trying to be an emotional fuck but this depression shit be getting the best of me sometimes, but I try to keep my head up, Im still here. But shit, just expect more dope music and collaborations if anything. And merchandise.

We asked Bzkt an honest question of motivation and his response is touching very straight forward and honest,

What’s your motivation to keep pursuing music ?

My motivation for pursuing this shit is really my mom, my siblings and girlfriend. Yo I been poor as fuck my whole life and still am til this day. My mom, deals with drug addiction and depression just like me and when she seen the little attention “We are all fucked” got, she was the proudest I have ever seen her and Just had so much joy. She listened to every song and pretty much cried throughout the whole thing aha. That’s my nigga foreal. And my girl is just down for whatever and the most supportive; she’s fucking perfect. And far as my siblings Im just trying to the best brother I can to motivate them.

Visuals credited to Ryan McKinnon
Make sure to give a listen to Bzkt’s “We are all fucked”.

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