Artist Talks: Maajei Vu 

This week on THE UNXPSD, we had the opportunity to speak with an artist from the gritty city of Milwaukee, Maajei Vi. If you have listened to some of Maajei’s tracks, you would know why it is a pleasure to have him on our site. Not many known music artist come from Milwaukee so we were sure to get his outlook on some things. We spoke with the talented Maajei Vu and this is the result.

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“Maajei Vu”

The young artist posing for a photo. Lets get started with the questions, of course we had to start with the most important question for the youngster.

So tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I’m Maajei Vu and I am 20 years old. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I became interested in music because of my mom enrolling me into art schools. Music has always been a vessel in my household growing up. My dad was into a wide range of things from Tupac to jazz. My mom is into Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, basically, all of the greats. Being around music like that made me destined to become an artist.   

Who are some artists that inspire you?

Michael Jackson, hands down. He was the greatest of all-time in everything that he committed himself to and that’s what I was inspired by, most. His music video, “Rock with You,” peaked my interest into what it is to be an overall artist.

What or who motivates you ?

Man, love and colors motivate me the most. When the two align themselves, my creativity is sparked. As far as who motivates me, my family and musically inclined friends. Both push me to my full potential and keep me balanced.

Listening to Maajei Vu, we have come to an understanding that every song is realistic and based off of an experience as later confirmed by Vu in further reading.

Do you believe being from Milwaukee that the city has impacted you positively in terms of music?

Definitely because we don’t have too much of a musical outlet or spotlight so it pushes us to develop our own platform so people are forced to notice us. To stay out of trouble and to stay warm (ha), I stayed in the house and worked on music. On a more serious note, Milwaukee is not portrayed in a positive light in the media so I believe myself, along with other Milwaukee artists, are becoming that bright spot and that positive light that we need.

Can you tell us about the song “Better Love me now”; what kind of thoughts did you have creating this, what made you make this song and more importantly tell us what it means to you?

“Better Love Me Now” was a concept that was sparked from a beat that I was creating. I was going for a record that was more upbeat, aggressive, and different from anything that I’ve ever made before. It’s my version of, “Started from the Bottom” by Drake and “Lonely” by Speaker Knockerz (RIP). I felt like it was much needed with the space that I’m in, personally.

Did you know that your song “OASIS”  was played on soulection and if so how did you feel ?

Well, one of my followers mentioned me on Twitter and let me know that Joe Kay was playing, “Oasis,” on his snapchat. I thought that was pretty cool but, I never expected it to be on Soulection radio. That was a good feeling to be on a platform as big as Soulection radio with the legendary NO ID as the guest DJ.

What are you currently recording with?

I currently record with FL Studio 10. That’s it, ha.

As a site that conducts interviews amongst other things. It is not surprising that you use FL Studio 10, but it is impressive that you’ve been able to create the music you have with only the program and you natural creativity.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

Production wise, Timbaland , J.U.S.T.I.C.E LEAGUE, and Pharrell. They all took a sound, made it their own, and projected it to other dope artists. I can easily tell their beats apart from other producer’s beats. Like Pharrell, his percussion is so distinct that I can easily tell that it’s a Pharrell beat.


The Maajei [Pre] Experience is the experience before the experience, ha. “The Maajei Experience” is coming. *😈* lol.

Have you been producing or singing longer?

I’ve been producing longer. I started when I was about nine years old from a Reason 2.5 demo that came with a magazine from Barnes and Noble. Since then, it’s been nonstop. As far as singing, that came along with me transforming myself into a complete artist.

Producing, we cant wait to hear Tye Motive$ new “Diploma EP”

Yes, that’s the young bull and another Milwaukee artist. He just graduated from high school and we’re crafting a summer soundtrack for the youth. So, be on the lookout for that on August 10th .

Tye Motive$, most recent single featuring Wave Chapelle. Which happens to be produced by none other than the talented “Maajei Vu” .

Where do you see yourself in a years time?

That’s a good question. I see myself still learning and creating amongst my influences. Most importantly, taking The Experience to the next level.

What is one mainstream artist that you would love to collaborate with?

T-Pain. He is the reason why the sound of music has changed in the last ten years. He’s extremely talented and the reason why I had passion for music at a young age.

Will you dedicate a song to us? Just joking. What are your thoughts on singing and dedicating a song to someone or something?

I always do. Every song that I create is based on a real-life experience. I try to convey genuine feelings in my music. You’ll learn more about me as The Maajei Experience unfolds.

Check Maajei Vu out below:





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