Talks with Photographer Bert Wouters

Photography in todays world has progressed into an art. Young creatives are finding more and more ways to exploit their love for photography in multiples ways of creativity.  All over the world it’s a growing passion for many. We had the opportunity to speak with a young photographer and ask him a few questions about his photographic journey.

Belgium based photographer “Bert Wouters”

Tell us a little about yourself ?

Hello, my name is Bert Wouters. I am a 20 year old student, studying finance & business. I live in a small town called Hasselt which is around 30 minutes from Brussels. I started to take an interest in photography about one and a half years ago, when I obtained my first iPhone. I was inspired by Instagram and by seeing so many photographers displaying their work and sharing their ideas. I picked up my brother’s camera and taught myself how to use it. Since that time, about a year ago, I have hardly ever put the camera down. Going out and exploring places is something I really enjoy doing and I probably wouldn’t have discovered this, if it wasn’t for photography. I also like working with famous brands. I love making people happy through my work. Photography allows me to capture moments and create art.

Can you describe the meaning of your favorite photo ?

My favorite photo doesn’t have to be my best photo. For me the story behind a picture can be even stronger than the image itself. This photo was taken while I was on a little road trip with a good friend of mine about six months ago. We were driving on a road in the early hours of the morning when the sun was rising. All of the sudden, we noticed beautiful rays of light shining through the trees. We immediately stopped the car to try and capture this moment. It taught me how to use and interpret the surroundings in order to get that perfect shot.

Bert’s Favorite Photo

This photograph displays an exceptional outlook on creativity not only is this picture perfectly portioned but it does not lead the human eye to discontent. The image engages the viewers and provides a ravishing look into nature.

A closer look at some of Bert’s photos made with a creative eye.

Living in Belgium, what are your thoughts about shooting in other countries ?

Shooting in other countries and particularly big cities like New York and Hong Kong, feels like a dream right now. I have one more year left to study in Belgium. I am then hoping to travel and make it reality one day. From the moment I saw photographs of huge buildings and landscapes, I have felt inspired to start traveling.

What is your current setup and go to lens ?

Currently, I’m using a Canon 60D, which is my first camera first body. I have been using it for just over a year. At the moment I am working hard to save money in order to upgrade to a full-frame camera so that I can improve my photography. My “go to” lens is the sigma 24mm f1.4 art lens.

From when you started shooting to now, how can you say you have improved ?

While practicing photography, I think I learned the most about composition. At first, I would just shoot whatever I saw without thinking about it much. Now, I definitely try to absorb the atmosphere before I take the shot and create a pleasing composition and overall shot. Developing my own style is something I try to work on and lines, shadows and light are some key points in this.

What has kept you going in terms of furthering yourself to better your work ?

The support and feedback I get from people around me. One year ago, I never thought that I would have come this far with photography. I know I’m just starting out, but I never thought that the Instagram community would have such an impact on me. I have met many talented photographers and made many friends who have inspired me to better my own work. I am really grateful for the positive impact photography has had on my life.

What are some of your most obtainable aspirations for your near future ?

I would really like to keep pushing myself to create new things and travel more in general. My goals for next year are starting with visiting some big cities in Europe first, followed by various travels around the world. Meeting new talented people on my way and developing my own photography would be amazing.

How do you feel about working with brands and the creativity of your mind to create sets for them?

I am very happy to be able to say that I have already shot 3 full look books in my first year of practicing photography. Working with brands and people around me always gives me a boost to push myself to work harder and accomplish new goals. While looking for new perspectives, I try to get my portraits in a specific mood. Seeing people connect to my work is something that I find very satisfying.

What is your ultimate scene for a shoot ?

I really do not have an ultimate scene for a shoot. For me it’s all about going out, exploring new places and using my imagination in that moment to enhance reality.

Why do you shoot ?

It started as a hobby, but now I can say it’s more than just that. It became a passion that I will do as long as I’m able to do it. Waking up, listen to music and be able to go out and shoot made me feel like I’m free. That’s the most important thing for me, just taking pictures without thinking about anything around me.

We enjoyed our time with Bert, it is always a good thing to tell someone’s story even when they are still creating that story. We have discussed Bert’s growth as a photographer and we had our questions answered by the growing artist. Stay tuned to read more about photographers just like our friend Bert. Make sure to give Bert a follow on Instagram

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