Behind the lens with “QUANATL”.

Photography has become such a strong art form across the world. The ability to share your perspective with a broader audience has become so easy, thanks to a plethora of social handles. Platforms such VSCO, Instagram, & 500px are giving individuals the opportunity to display their work. For some, photography is simply a hobby or “phase”and for others, it’s their passion, their lifestyle. For Jaquan Cummings, also known as”QUANATL”, it’s his lifestyle. We wanted to go behind the lens with this Atlanta-based photographer to pick his mind with a few questions.

What inspired you to start photography?

 I’d have to say grandfather. He was a great photographer & much of his work inspired me.

What pushed you forward to create better work?

I think I’ve always been a clean freak so that transferred into my love for symmetry, rule of thirds, and photography as a whole. As a photographer and a creative, you set your own pace and your own hours. Everything is on you and that’s the type of hustle that inspires me. Going out to events networking & connecting with people that did different things alway made me wanna better myself + my work.


What’s a hard truth that you realized with photography?

That you have to literally sacrifice your life with your work. I’ve invested all of my time, money, and energy into this. I’ve spent so much of my own money to travel. I’ve gone broke buying equipment & investing in myself.

If anything, what scares you as a creative?

Lack of inspiration. It’s hard to create without any drive or inspiration to grow as an artist.

Do you have any favorite conditions to shoot in?

Early mornings, late nights, any whether really.

What are you shooting with most of the time?

Right now I’m using a Nikon D750 w 14-24mm.

What do you feel like is this most important thing in getting a good photo?

For me, it’s keeping my ISO at a low number. It makes for a super clean, crisp image.

Where have you enjoyed capturing the most, & why?

Atlanta, its home. Home is where the heart is for me.


Tons of young people on Instagram are trying to emulate what you do. What do think is required to really stand out and be successful in this line of photography?

There are multiple ways to go about it or combinations of ways. I believe it’s also all about timing and having your own style. Once you find your own signature you are well on your way, but it takes time and dedication like everything else.


We live in a generation of talented visual artists and it can definitely be challenging to develop your own style & successfully set yourself apart. Jaquan has done so, bringing his own unique style and flavor to every image. His time and dedication to his work is evident and present with everything he does.

Check out Jaquan’s work on Instagram HERE.

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