Artist Talks: Max Wonders

The name Max Wonders has been surfacing Soundcloud and social media a lot recently. If you don’t who Mr. Wonders is, he is a Hip-Hop/Rap artist and producer from the Windy city of Chicago. He has generated a large quantity of plays on his Soundcloud and has structured a decent following of fans. Max is surely doing the right thing when it comes to gaining some solid respect in the music industry. Max has already attracted quite a bit of attention from very well known media outlets, Complex and affiliate Pigeons & Planes, and now The UNXPSDThis year Max has released an amazing arsenal of singles. Two of his best singles so far have been “Grow Up” and “Kid Again”, both songs resembling a pattern of resisting adulthood. If you’re in your twenties with the same mind set that Max structures his music with, chances are you can relate. Listen below for “Kid Again” and “Grow Up”.

Max released “The Wonder Tape” as well as “You Will Never Find” EP’s in 2015, Putting him on the radar of many. In Max’s “YWNF” Ep there is one soundtrack called “Party in the hills” in a way its a growing up type of song. Wonders had a story covered by Complex

“[It’s] what it feels like to have a fun time with your close friends but also talking about my friends not wanting me to blow up in the first verse reflects on not getting too caught up in the party lifestyle just because you’re ‘young and dumb,'” he told Complex over email.

Based off of this statement we have assured our thoughts, Max Wonders speaks the truth. When jamming to a song it is reassuring that the artist is as real as his or hers music. This decade has brought us very diverse music and has been a good impact in the music industry.

Listen to Party In The Hills Above.

Max Wonders is currently working on a new project entitle “Hues To Blame” Stay tuned for an update.


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