Core Values of the street”Brigade USA”

Brigade U.S.A is a streetwear brand that exemplifies the true New York culture of Skateboarding, Hip-Hop, & Street Art. With their unique position on clothing they are able to help others appreciate the characteristics their brand is able to bring. While their brand seems somewhat rebellious they still have the “a la mode” feel that many streetwear brands tend to forget about. In our eyes, the Brigade stands for reinforcing the streetwear lifestyle and forming subdivisions amongst different people who embody streetwear.
Showcased below creative work by photographer @Multiplexes
Brigade does not restock making each batch of new products first come first serve. Brigade U.S.A is “A ONE OF A KIND” brand. They will make their mark.
S/S ’16 Brigade is working with the talented Shannon Ramos or better known as “X$X”. 

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