Who is Ta-Ku?

We all grow up and find ourselves loving our hobbies more and more everyday. When you can make a living doing what you love, there’s no real such thing as “a job”. Ta-Ku is a man of many talents From Music to photography and even a business you can say Ta-Ku is the ultimate dabbler.Ta-Ku’s name is Regan Mathews and he is from Perth, Australia. Musically Ta-Ku has been recognized for the “Songs To Break Up To EP” originally released in 2013 by HW&W records from there Ta-Ku’s next release was “Songs To Make Up To EP”  released in 2015 by a different record label Fools Gold records. Ta-Ku has recently teamed up with artist Wafia to create a one of a kind soundtrack that is phenomenal .Ta-Ku is currently with Future Classic along side Wafia another talented individual.

As you listen you will realize Ta-Ku is a mix between Electronic, hip hop and  experimental.

Ta-Ku’s creativity has no limits he pushes the boundaries, allowing others to see his creative mindset and inspiring along the way. Ta-Ku’s music is a different art but his sound is well liked and applauded in the photography community. As the photography community grows Ta-Ku will grow along with it he is a key influencer in the photography community. His social media presence on Instagram is a merely 250,000 followers.

Ta-Ku’s Music and photos are going to keep inspiring, when the hype dies out Ta-Ku will still be around inspiring.


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