“From California to Italy” Collegium shoes

Collegium Shoes are the next big thing, designed in sunny California and made in Italy. These shoes provide a certain aesthetic to the artisan craft, as well as fashion couture. Collegium’s shoes are “handpicked and handcrafted” bringing originality to the table along with being made in Italy. Collegium has been influenced from the worlds most renowned shoe designers and material experts. Earlier this year they released their limited shoe, the “triumph” and was proven to be a huge success in the shoe and streetwear industry. Collegium is setting the correct path to make a big name for themselves. Around the month of May last year they also released their collection of the “Pillar Low” in various color schemes. Since the pillar low’s were such a success, the brand has recently decided to drop the “Pillar High” in lighter tones.

“Wheat” Pillar Low’s
“BIANCO” Pillar High’s

Every shoe that Collegium creates are specifically made for a variety of differently styled men. Their able to keep their simple design while giving a great amount of quality to every pair they make. Definitely keeping an eye out for what Collegium has in store in the upcoming seasons.





UNXPSD Coordinator; Joey Truex’s take: I’ve always been one to stay up to date on very specific trends and up coming brands. Collegium keeps that simplistic look mixed with “Californian Street Culture”. Their high quality builds and easy to look at design, makes them one of the brands that will probably have their own spot in my shoe closet. Thank you for doing it right, Collegium.

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