A “Classic Reintroduction” to Ty Naps.

Ty Naps is a 20 year old lyrical genius from San Dimas, CA. Growing up near Ty, on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, I know how it feels to be raised in an area where you can feel stuck and want nothing more than to show your sleeping talents to the world. After listening to Ty’s EP “Classic Reintroduction”, I knew I was introduced to some true young talent.

When I was first listening to his album, I was listening with a note pad in front of me trying to write down all of my favorite parts in each song. About 5 tracks in, the notepad was gone and headphones stayed in. I found myself stuck in his music… Inspiring me along the way. As a fellow writer, words that can flow and consistently make sense, are the ones that can leave the biggest impact on people and make them want to come back for more. Without saying to much about the guy, let his music speak for him.

“Come Back Home”

“Nuff said.”

“The Microphone Ghost”


Written by Joey Truex

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